AMC Charges for Easy Sticker Software is separate for each package. Please Contact Us for pricing of AMC
Annual Maintenance Contract includes:
1. Periodical Backup of the database and other relevant data.
2. Providing service to any queries of the users related to the application.
3. Periodically monitoring the activities of the users and application.
4. Response Time: - Monday to Friday - 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm.
5. Support by Call / Skype / Email / Support Ticket
6. Estimated reply will be 24-48 working hrs.
7. Software 1 Month Free label Support/ Software Bug Support 1 Year Free.

Annual Maintenance Contract excludes:
1. Customizing the application i.e. changing or adding the functionality/screen in the application and reports.
2. Providing service to any queries outside the scope of the application.
3. Providing hardware service and maintenance.

Note :
BrilliantStar Software reserved rights to change in the policy; please visit this website for latest updates in our policy.