FAQ: How To Automate Barcode In Selenium?


Can we automate barcode using selenium?

Selenium has limitation to automate Bar code but by using third party API we can automate Bar codes. So, ZXing is one the third party API will be used to automate Bar Codes.

How do you automate a barcode?

To Automate QR Code through selenium web driver we need to follow below steps:

  1. Download below Zxing JARS or maven dependency from the below link. ZXing Java SEExtensions.
  2. In this blog for demo purpose I am reading below QR code from.
  3. Below is the Code Snapshot along with detailed explanation.

How do you automate Captcha and barcode in selenium?

We can automate Barcode and QR code using selenium,

  1. First find the url of the bar code.
  2. Convert the url into image by parsing using IMageIO code.
  3. Now use Zxing class to convert the parsed image into QR/ Bar code.
  4. Now read the barcode or QR code Text.
  5. Compare the text with expected result.
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Can we automate barcode and Captcha?

You can automate CAPTCHA only using display CAPTCHA value in “alt” attribute. CAPTCHA and barcode are not read/test/handle by Selenium WebDriver. Selenium WebDriver doesn’t support CAPTCHA and barcode.

Is there any way to automate Captcha?

CAPTCHA can be automated if you are able to decode the image using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). There is just one way to bypass CAPTCHA but it will not automate it. User will have to enter the CAPTCHA text himself while other fields will be filled automatically.

How does selenium read QR codes?

The code bellow is a Selenium snippet to find an element by the id ” qr ” (and image) and get the attribute src. After that we just pass this String to decodeQRCode method (the example above) and the result will the QR Code content. In this example the QR Code is a text ” QR Code output text”. VoilĂ !

How do you automate QR codes in Appium?

An easy solution is to take a screenshot from the device screen, get the points (width and height) from the element on the device, and crop the image to the element size, so you have an image with just the QR code. Now, you can use Zxing to read the QR code content.

Which method is used to close the browser which is currently in focus?

close () method is used to close the current browser window on which the focus is set, on the other hand quit () method essentially calls the driver. dispose method that successively closes all the browser windows and ends the WebDriver session graciously.

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Which of the following panes describes the command details which has been selected in IDE?

The Reference Pane shows a concise description of the currently selected Selenese command in the Editor. It also shows the description about the locator and value to be used on that command.

Which driver should be used when we need to run test cases on the remote machine?

Selenium WebDriver is a tool used to execute automated test cases on various browsers. The object of the webdriver is a browser. Selenium remotewebdriver implements the webdriver interface to execute test cases.

How do I bypass Captcha in selenium?

In order to bypass the CAPTCHA when scraping Google, you have to manually solve a CAPTCHA and export the cookies Google gives you. Now, every time you open a Selenium WebDriver, make sure you add the cookies you exported.

How do you automate images in selenium?

Verify Image Presence in Web Page using Selenium WebDriver

  1. Find a web page which contains a broken image.
  2. Open your class file and write a code to locate an image such as below.
  3. Write a JavaScript executor code to verify if image is present in page.
  4. Write a code to print desired output as per image presence state.
  5. Done.

How do I test Captcha?

Common Test cases for all Captchas / Number captcha

  1. Ensure that the system accepts valid Captcha.
  2. Ensure that the system rejects the invalid Captcha.
  3. Ensure that the Captcha code resets as the system reloads.
  4. Ensure that the Captcha changes as the user enters wrong value.

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