FAQ: Stub Hub Where Is Barcode?


How do I enter barcodes on StubHub?

Entering barcodes on StubHub listings or sales Print

  1. Go to ‘My tickets’ > Listings.
  2. Under the listing, click ‘See actions’ > ‘ Enter barcode ‘
  3. Enter the seat and barcode exactly as it’s printed on the ticket.
  4. Submit.

How do I find my StubHub order number?

After you buy tickets as a guest, we’ll email you an order confirmation with a 6-digit access code.

  1. Use the guest order lookup.
  2. Enter your email address, the access code, and your phone number.
  3. On a computer, click ‘Continue. ‘ In a mobile web browser, tap ‘ View order. ‘

Can you get scammed on StubHub?

Can you get scammed through StubHub? – Quora. Yes you can. We called to purchase two tickets for an event in San Francisco. We were told that they do not allow debit or credit card numbers over the phone but instead we have to purchase ebay gift cards for the amount of the ticket.

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Can StubHub tickets be scanned from phone?

When you buy a type of mobile ticket on StubHub, you’ll view the ticket on your phone. Then you’ll scan the barcode or QR code at the gate. StubHub offers several kinds of mobile tickets. You’ll accept the transfer to view them on your phone.

What does Tickets in hand mean on StubHub?

The In Hand Date is the date you’ll have the tickets in person (or in hand ). It means if they sell, you’re ready to deliver them to the buyer. You can deliver tickets before this date.

How do you send a ticket on StubHub?

Sending tickets to a friend Print StubHub app: If the tickets are ready, tap ‘My tickets ‘ then the order. Tap the 3 dots then ‘ Send ticket. ‘ Choose how to send it to them. The recipient will scan the ticket from their phone.

Why are my tickets not showing up on StubHub?

Re: Tickets not showing up It’s possible that the telephone number was entered incorrectly and that info isn’t matching up with what we have in the system.

What do StubHub tickets look like?

Instead of using a hard copy or PDF ticket, your ticket is stored on your phone. It’ll often look like a square barcode, called a QR code. At the event, you’ll view the mobile ticket on your phone to scan it at the gate. Lindsay is the author of this solution article.

Does StubHub guarantee tickets are real?

FanProtectTM means every order is 100% guaranteed Get valid tickets to any event or your money back. We go out of our way to find replacement tickets if there is an issue with your order. If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, you will receive a credit worth 120% of the amount you paid for the impacted event.

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How can I verify my tickets are real?

Scan the tickets with simple PCs or laptops with barcode scanners or webcams, Android smartphones, or iPhones. The admission tickets are scanned at the door and their barcodes are checked for validity.

Is StubHub owned by Ticketmaster?

The website had more than 240 million unique visitors last year and sold tickets valued at more than $4.75 billion. EBay has owned StubHub since 2007, when it bought the business from Messrs. Baker and Fluhr for $310 million. Ticketmaster, the largest ticket seller, has been expanding its resale business, too.

Does StubHub ever sell fake tickets?

Unfortunately, fake StubHub tickets happen, as I learned at Kaskade’s Pier 94 concert Saturday night. If you ever get to an event and the ticket you purchased via StubHub is invalid or fake, don’t leave or buy a last minute ticket without calling StubHub first.

Will a screenshot of a StubHub ticket work?

Will a screenshot of a StubHub ticket work? – Quora. When you attend events you’ll need to display your tickets on your mobile phone. Your barcode includes technology to protect it, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or print outs.

What happens if StubHub tickets don’t arrive?

They can reach out to the seller and see what is going on. If the seller cannot fulfill the order, Stubhub will replace your tickets with similar seats, or better seats, at no cost to you Alternatively, you have the option to cancel the order at that point and get a refund also.

What happens if StubHub tickets are fake?

These are often free tickets the seller can relist. They are printed with duplicate. This happens when tickets are reprinted, but they are usually still valid. They have a VOID watermark.

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