FAQ: What Barcode Is Needed For Amazon?


What barcode is required for Amazon?

Amazon recommends GS1 GTINs GTIN, UPC and EAN are all equivalent terms for GS1 barcode numbers. “The EAN code is the main key we use to match products and ensure that we are presenting complete and detailed information to our customers – the EAN code is mandatory information that we ask for, it is essential.”

Do I need my own barcode to sell on Amazon?

Each item you send to an Amazon fulfilment centre requires a barcode. Manufacturer barcodes (eligible barcodes include GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN) Amazon barcodes (ASIN, FNSKU or MSKU) (Brand owner only) Some products may require an additional Transparency authenticity code to help prevent counterfeit.

How much do barcodes cost?

Prefix Pricing*

Number of items needing a barcode /GTIN** Initial fee Annual renewal fee
10 $250 $50
100 $750 $150
1,000 $2,500 $500
10,000 $6,500 $1,300


How do I get an Amazon barcode?

Label placement requirements

  1. Put the correct barcode on each item.
  2. Cover all other visible barcodes, except for any serial number barcodes or Transparency authentication code labels.
  3. Place the barcode on the outside of any prep materials.
  4. Do not place the barcode on a curve or corner of the package.
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How do I list an item on Amazon without a barcode?

Go to Inventory > Add a Product, click ‘I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon ‘ and enter the product details. If there is no Product ID (Bar code, UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN) on your product or the packaging, you can apply for GTIN exemption and add your products without the Product ID.

Does Amazon charge for barcodes?

We will apply Amazon barcodes to your eligible items upon arrival at the fulfillment center using the product information you provide. You will be charged a $0.30 per-item fee for standard FBA and a $0.10 per-item fee for FBA Small and Light.

How many barcodes do I need to sell on Amazon?

One product with two sizes and seven colors for each size will require 14 UPCs. Amazon requires them for listing a product.

Can I make my own barcode?

You can get barcode scanners on Amazon or another specialized online store for under $50. Most barcode generators are free. In fact, you can use the Barcode Font in Microsoft Word to generate your own barcodes. Therefore, with less than $100, you can create a system set to make your own barcodes.

How can I get a free barcode for my product?


  1. Step 1: Register with GS1 India.
  2. Step 2: Generate numbers through DataKart.
  3. Step 3: Select a barcode printing process.
  4. Step 4: Select a “primary” scanning environment.
  5. Step 5: Select a barcode.
  6. Step 6: Pick a barcode size.
  7. Step 7: Format the barcode text.
  8. Step 8: Pick a barcode colour.

Why are barcodes so expensive?

Reasons include: they don’t know how to go about getting them, barcodes are too expensive for their current business income, they don’t see a current need to have them, or they aren’t organized enough to have gotten that far.

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