Often asked: In Intelligent Barcode What Does Ascender, Descender And Traker Signify?


How do you read an IMb barcode?

The IMb Routing Code

  1. When the five or nine-digit ZIP code is known or included in the IMb, the routing code is five or nine digits.
  2. A two-digit delivery point code can be included along with the nine-digit ZIP code when appropriate, bringing the digits in the routing code to 11 (digits, that is).

What is IMb tracking?

IMb Tracking stands for “Intelligent Mail” barcode tracking. IMb tracking allows senders to track each piece of mail being sent out both on a regional level (i.e. by state or zip-code), as well as on an individual record level (i.e identifying where any given mail piece is in the mail stream).

How does Intelligent Mail barcode work?

The Intelligent Mail barcode is a 65-bar Postal Service™ barcode used to sort and track letters and flats. It allows mailers to use a single barcode to participate in multiple Postal Service programs simultaneously, expands mailers’ ability to track individual mailpieces, and provides greater mail stream visibility.

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What does the barcode on a letter mean?

A barcode is a series of long and short bars that represent ZIP Codes, ZIP+4 codes, and delivery addresses. The Postal Service uses automated equipment that reads the barcode to process and sort mail. At the Postal Service, the barcode tells us where to deliver your mail.

How do I read my PostNET code?

The PostNET bar code represents 6 digits for a 5 digit ZIP code (and 10 digits for a 9 digit ZIP + 4 code, or 12 digits for an 11 digit Delivery Point code ). If you compare a known ZIP code with its PostNET bar code, you will see that the last digit is the mystery number (our example above was for the ZIP code 56458).

What do the codes on mail mean?

The Mail Code field is an optional, special-purpose field that comes into play for bulk mailings, such as subscription mailing. The field provides special groupings within a mailing. The Mail Code field allows a higher-level sort for ZIP-sorted labels and printouts.

What carrier is IMb?

An IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) is the part of a USPS label that provides tracking on a letter or flat. When tracking an IMb label with the Track a Package API, set the carrier query parameter to IMB, all caps.

What mail carrier is IMb?

Intelligent Mail ® Barcode ( IMb ) Encoder Software and Fonts The Postal Service provides Intelligent Mail ® barcode files, fonts and encoders, available for download.

How do I track my IMb mail?

How does IMb Tracing work? In short, it uses special barcodes to collect data from mail as they’re sorted and prepared for delivery by the USPS. Mailers simply print the Intelligent Mail barcode on the mailpiece and wait to receive and monitor information once the mail is in the system.

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Can I reuse envelopes with barcodes?

It is not a good idea to reuse envelopes with barcodes. It could direct your mail to an incorrect address, resulting in delays or loss (if the mail is not returned to USPS). The barcodes have a purpose. The barcodes will direct a letter to a location.

How do I get an Intelligent Mail barcode?

You can obtain your Mailer ID through the USPS Business Customer Gateway where you’ll create an account, log in, and activate your Intelligent Mail Barcode services. Lastly, you must sync your Intelligent Mail Barcode services with your mailing and shipping solution.

Which reply mail type requires an intelligent mail barcode?

Mailers can use Intelligent Mail barcode on First-Class Mail ®, Standard Mail ®, and Periodicals when participating in OneCode Confirm and OneCode ACS.

How do I know if postage is paid on an envelope?

Postage Paid is a form of indication on an envelope that the costs for sending were paid in another way than using stamps or a franking machine. The indication is usually placed in the upper right corner of the front side of an envelope, where otherwise stamps would have been stuck.

How do you know if it’s a prepaid envelope?

Prepaid Envelopes (not to be confused with Business Reply Envelopes ) are envelopes that already contain either a First Class or Second Class postmark to signify that the postage has been paid for. Because it uses this specific postmark, it doesn’t require you to affix a stamp to it.

Can you use the big stamp with the barcode?

Yes, all forever stamps, no matter when they were issued, can always be used to mail a first-class one ounce letter with USPS, or towards the total postage cost of any USPS shipment. Failed to get answers. Question: How much the big one with barcode worth.

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