Quick Answer: How To Set Up Wasp Barcode Scanner Model Wws-800 C?


How do I set up a Wasp barcode scanner?

WWS500 Bluetooth pairing on Windows XP:

  1. Right-click BlueTooth icon in SysTray/Notification Area, Add a Bluetooth Device.
  2. Squeeze the scanner’s trigger to make sure it is awake.
  3. Scan the Set Connection barcode (revised or from Quick Start Guide)
  4. Check the box “My device is set up and ready to be found.” Click Next.

How do I change my barcode scanner settings?

Fortunately, modifying the scanner settings is an easy task.

  1. Choose Start→Control Panel.
  2. Click View Scanners and Cameras.
  3. Click any scanner in the Scanners and Cameras area and then click the Scan Profiles button.
  4. Select a scanner and click Edit.
  5. Review the settings.

How do I reset my WASP scanner?

Insert a straightened paper clip or similar implement at the end of the hole toward the scanner lens. Press the button for about a second, then release (you will feel a click when the button is pressed). Then try scanning again.

Why is my barcode scanner not working?

Make sure the symbology is enabled in the scanner for the barcode you are scanning. Check the minimum and maximum character settings and the scanner settings for that symbology. Check that there isn’t a scanner setting that prevents your code scanning.

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How do you program a barcode scanner?

Programming Your Barcode Scanner

  1. Scan the Enter Config barcode and then wait three seconds.
  2. Scan the USB Keyboard barcode and then wait three seconds.
  3. Scan the Disable All Symbology barcode and then wait three seconds.
  4. Scan the Enable 2/5, 4-14Digits barcode and then wait three seconds.

Do you need software to use a barcode scanner?

Barcode scanners do not require any special software or driver to function properly. They will emulate a keyboard and will be recognized by your computer as a general input device.

How do I connect my barcode scanner to Windows 10?

Tag: Connecting a barcode scanner to a PC

  1. Right click on the Bluetooth icon and select Add a Bluetooth Device:
  2. The Settings screen will appear. Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”
  3. Click on the text and the scanner should connect and the blue LED should light up.
  4. Open Notepad and scan a bar code, it should appear.

How do I scan barcodes with Windows 10?

Open Notepad, Microsoft Word or a similar application. Point the scanner at the product or label barcode and pull the trigger on the device. The numbers or letters beneath the barcode appear in the text editor or word processor application after you pull the trigger on the scanner.

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