Quick Answer: What Is The Number 118071 In A Barcode?


What do the numbers on a barcode represent?

The first six numbers of the barcode is the manufacturer’s identification number. The next five digits represent the item’s number. The last number is called a check digit which enables the scanner to determine if the barcode was scanned correctly.

What is a 14 digit GTIN?

The GTIN is a globally unique 14 – digit number used to identify trade items, products, or services. GTIN is also an umbrella term that refers to the entire family of UCC. EAN data structures.

What does a GTIN-14 barcode look like?

ITF – 14 Barcode Symbol ITF – 14 is a 14 digit bar code that uses the “Interleaved 2 of 5” symbology (I2of5, or ITF ). The GTIN – 14 data can also be conveyed in other GS1 barcode data carriers, such as a GS1 -128 barcode. ITF – 14 bar code symbols include bearer bars, which are surrounding bars which protect the bar code image.

How do I verify a barcode number?

How to Check a Barcode

  1. Navigate to a website that offers a free check digit calculator such as BarcodeSolutions.com.au, GS1US.org or Barcode -US.com.
  2. Enter the digits displayed below your barcode in the calculator that corresponds to the type of barcode you have.
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Do barcodes mean anything?

UPC barcodes only identify a product and do not contain data on a product’s price. Pricing information is usually contained in the retailer’s database, associated with that UPC number. When a clerk scans a barcode, its number is found in the database and the software returns with the price.

What makes up a GTIN number?

GTINs can be 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits in length to accommodate different application and product constraints. GTIN components include: ■ Indicator Digit: A number from 1-8 used in to identify packaging levels to define the packaging hierarchy of a product.

How do I find my GTIN number?

GTINs can be found on your products packaging, or cover (in the case of books). Below are some example barcodes that will give you a sense of how the GTIN number can be displayed on your product. If you can’t find the GTIN, you can always contact your supplier or the product’s manufacturer to ask for the MPN.

How do you read a GTIN number?

The numbering structure is as follows:

  1. T1 – Indicator digit, used for GTIN -14, “1” to “8” indicates a packaging level and “9” a variable measure item.
  2. T2 through T13 GS1 Company Prefix & Item (product or service) reference number.
  3. T14 is a check digit, which follows the standard modulo 10 calculation.

What is the difference between GTIN and barcode?

More specifically, GTIN is the series of numbers associated with a barcode. GTIN codes are part of larger global data structures that help identify a company’s unique product. Technically, there is no difference between a GTIN vs UPC because they are one and the same. Likewise, UPC, EAN, and ISBN are all GTINs.

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What is a 12 digit barcode called?

UPC-A. The UPC-A (also referred to simply as the UPC) is the standard retail “price code” barcode in the United States. UPC-A is strictly numeric; the bars can only represent the digits from 0 to 9. A UPC-A barcode contains 12 digits, along with a quiet (blank) zone on either side, and start, middle, and stop symbols.

How do you generate a 14 digit barcode?

Create ITF- 14 Barcode Our GS1 Barcode Service assists companies that need assistance assigning these numbers. Click here to sign up for our GS1 Barcode Service. The 14 – digit string encoded in an ITF- 14 is referred to as a GTIN – 14. If you already have a GTIN – 14 number, enter the first 13 digits into the site.

Can I look up a SKU number?

Looking Up Products via SKUs If you already have a SKU, simply typing it into your favorite search engine may return search results containing the product you seek. If you know which retailer the SKU came from, a phone call to the company could help locate the product.

How can I get details of a barcode?

To get product information you’ll need to use some database of products that’s searchable by UPC. A quick google search came up with a few suggestions, such as https://www.barcodelookup.com/api.

Can a barcode tell you when something was bought?

No, a barcode does not tell you where an item was manufactured. The number tells you what the item is, who owns the item and which GS1 office licensed the number.

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