Readers ask: What Kind Of Barcode For Cd Cover?


How do I get a barcode for a CD?

How it works:

  1. Sign up for CD Baby Worldwide Distribution.
  2. Choose to purchase a barcode for your release ($20 for albums.
  3. We’ll assign a unique UPC barcode that is good until the end of time.
  4. Your UPC barcode number allows us to track and distribute your music to stores worldwide.

What is a CD barcode?

Just like barcodes you find on virtually every product you buy these days, a CD barcode does exactly the same job. It identifies a music product (typically an album ) with a unique code. If you’ve ever looked at the back of a music CD then you will have noticed a barcode.

How do I get a UPC code for my album?

You can get your UPC code in any one of several ways:

  1. Ask your record label or the CD replication plant you’re using.
  2. Register with the GS1US (formerly the Uniform Code Council) directly if you’re in the US, or refer to the GS1 itself and find your country’s unique site through them if you’re anywhere else in the world.
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How do I get bar codes for my music?

How to get a UPC code for your music release

  1. Determine how many UPC codes you will need. If you need less than 10, you can buy single UPCs for $30 each.
  2. Assign a unique product number.
  3. Determine how your product will display barcode.
  4. Order your barcodes.

Does my CD need a UPC code?

Do you need a UPC? If a CD, DVD, or vinyl record is to be sold via an online retailer such as CD Baby, Amazon etc., or in a record store that utilizes a barcode scanner, a UPC is necessary. Most digital download stores and streaming services require a UPC number.

How do I get a free UPC code?

Top 8 Ways to Find Free UPC Codes

  1. Use Online Retailers to Find UPC Codes.
  2. Find Free UPC Codes in the Internet UPC Database.
  3. Use BarCode Lookup to Find Free UPC Codes.
  4. Use the Internet to Search for Free UPC Codes.
  5. Ask for Free Codes on Social Media.
  6. Read the Sweepstakes Rules for Free UPC Codes.

Why do I need a barcode?

The main purpose of a barcode is to uniquely identify each product with a number. For example a 200g can of Baked Beans will have a different number to a 500g can of Baked Beans. Each product that is exactly the same in every respect (Size, Shape, Colour, Weight, Model, Specification etc) will have the same number.

Do I need a barcode for digital music?

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to sell your record as a CD in a shop or as a digital version on iTunes or other digital stores. A barcode is still needed in order to track those sales. Stores ( digital or physical) won’t be able to sell your music without the UPC barcode so it is really important you have one.

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What is an EAN number for music?

The EAN (European Article Number ) is a product-related code to identify releases. It enables to identify every published digital release (single, ep, album) and physical products (LP, CD, DVD). The EAN can be used as barcode. The “label identification” is given to labels and distributors by the GS1.

What is a UPC code on a product?

The Universal Product Code ( UPC; redundantly: UPC code ) is a barcode symbology that is widely used worldwide for tracking trade items in stores. UPC (technically refers to UPC -A) consists of 12 numeric digits that are uniquely assigned to each trade item.

Do I need a UPC code to sell online?

Not for Internet Sales – A UPC barcode is primarily used by store retailers and isn’t mandatory to sell a product. If you sell your products via the Internet, you don’t need to join or pay GS1. If you sell to a separate Internet retailer, that retailer may require a barcode.

What is a UPC code music?

A UPC barcode (or Universal Product Code ) is used to represent and track your music as an entire physical or digital product, in contrast to an ISRC code which represents individual tracks or sound recordings.

How do I get an ISRC code for my music?

To obtain ISRC codes for your music, contact your national ISRC agency or get ISRC codes for free when using a digital distributor. You can also become a registrant by registering with your national ISRC agency (you have to pay a small fee), to generate your own ISRCs whenever you need to.

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