Readers ask: Why Is My Barcode Not Working On Stubhub?


How do I enter a barcode on StubHub?

  1. Go to ‘My tickets’ > ‘Listings’
  2. Under the listing, click ‘See actions’ > ‘ Enter barcode ‘
  3. Enter the seat and barcode exactly as it’s printed on the ticket.
  4. Submit.

Why can’t I list my tickets on StubHub?

If you’re listing tickets on StubHub and can’t click the ‘Continue’ button, it means you haven’t filled out all the required info. Review each section when listing for any missing info. Once you fill out each area, you can continue.

Can you get scammed on StubHub?

Can you get scammed through StubHub? – Quora. Yes you can. We called to purchase two tickets for an event in San Francisco. We were told that they do not allow debit or credit card numbers over the phone but instead we have to purchase ebay gift cards for the amount of the ticket.

Can you get fake tickets from StubHub?

Unfortunately, fake StubHub tickets happen, as I learned at Kaskade’s Pier 94 concert Saturday night. If you ever get to an event and the ticket you purchased via StubHub is invalid or fake, don’t leave or buy a last minute ticket without calling StubHub first.

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How do you transfer tickets on StubHub?

On the StubHub app

  1. Go to ‘My tickets. ‘ Tap the order.
  2. Tap the three dots and then tap ‘ Transfer tickets ‘
  3. Choose the tickets you’re transferring and continue.
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address and tap ‘Send’

Can I sell tickets from Ticketmaster on StubHub?

Ticketmaster doesn’t allow resell on their site for all events. However, you can sell those tickets on StubHub or any other marketplace.

How much does StubHub take for selling tickets?

It is free to list tickets for sale, and to search for tickets to buy on StubHub. On each completed transaction, the buyer pays a 10% fee, and a 15% fee is deducted from the seller’s payment. For example, on the sale of a $100 ticket, the buyer would pay $110. The seller would net $85.

How long does it take StubHub to list tickets?

Did you list the tickets more than once? Review your active listings, just in case. If the info is right, we’ll review your listing within 24 hours. You don’t need to do anything.

How can I verify my tickets are real?

Scan the tickets with simple PCs or laptops with barcode scanners or webcams, Android smartphones, or iPhones. The admission tickets are scanned at the door and their barcodes are checked for validity.

What happens if StubHub tickets don’t arrive?

They can reach out to the seller and see what is going on. If the seller cannot fulfill the order, Stubhub will replace your tickets with similar seats, or better seats, at no cost to you Alternatively, you have the option to cancel the order at that point and get a refund also.

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What happens if StubHub seller doesn’t send tickets?

Keep in mind, you are always covered by our FanProtect Guarantee and we will always look to replace the order if the seller fails to deliver the tickets or we would provide you with a full 100% refund.

What do fake tickets look like?

Take a paper clip and heat it up red hot. Set the hot edge on the corner of the ticket for a few seconds. If it’s a genuine ticket, it will turn the front brown and you will see very little, if anything, on the back. A fake ticket will usually catch on fire but will always show a burnt mark on the back side.

Is StubHub and Ticketmaster the same?

No. Stubhub is not related to Ticketmaster /live nation. We often have issues when people purchase tickets from stubhub rather than from live nation/ ticketmaster because we can’t fix the problem or refund the guest ourselves.

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