What Information Is In The Intelligent Mail Barcode?


What’s in an IMb barcode?

The IMb is broken into two parts — the tracking code and the routing code. The tracking code tells us the identification of the mailer plus unique mailpiece information and the routing code consists of the Delivery Point Zip code.

Is Intelligent Mail barcode mandatory?

The IMb is required for use on letters and flats prepared for automation prices. This requirement affects First-Class Mail postcards, Insured Mail, Certified Mail, and any other mail using extra services currently available and appropriate for the class and shape of mail prepared for automation prices.

What kind of barcode does USPS use?

The United States Postal Service uses the EAN-128 barcode (also known as Code 128 and GS1-128) for special services such as delivery confirmation.

What does the barcode on a letter mean?

A barcode is a series of long and short bars that represent ZIP Codes, ZIP+4 codes, and delivery addresses. The Postal Service uses automated equipment that reads the barcode to process and sort mail. At the Postal Service, the barcode tells us where to deliver your mail.

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What do the lines mean on an envelope?

Overview. The Facing Identification Mark (or FIM) is used by the USPS to assist in the processing of letter mail. This small pattern of vertical bars plays an important role in speeding your envelope mail through the USPS system. This pattern is a FIM D.

Can I reuse envelopes with barcodes?

It is not a good idea to reuse envelopes with barcodes. It could direct your mail to an incorrect address, resulting in delays or loss (if the mail is not returned to USPS). The barcodes have a purpose. The barcodes will direct a letter to a location.

Where does the barcode go on an envelope?

On letters, the IMb is located in the address block or the barcode clear zone in the lower right of the envelope. On flats, it must be on the address side (or front side) of the mailpiece and at least 1/3-inch from any edge of the piece. The IMb is typically printed by the mailer or the presort house.

How do I read my PostNET code?

The PostNET bar code represents 6 digits for a 5 digit ZIP code (and 10 digits for a 9 digit ZIP + 4 code, or 12 digits for an 11 digit Delivery Point code ). If you compare a known ZIP code with its PostNET bar code, you will see that the last digit is the mystery number (our example above was for the ZIP code 56458).

How do I get an Intelligent Mail barcode?

You can obtain your Mailer ID through the USPS Business Customer Gateway where you’ll create an account, log in, and activate your Intelligent Mail Barcode services. Lastly, you must sync your Intelligent Mail Barcode services with your mailing and shipping solution.

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What are the barcodes on a shipping label?

A shipping barcode is the unique machine-readable pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, printed on a shipping label to identify a shipment. The shipping barcode is scanned at each phase of the delivery until it reaches the customer’s shipping destination.

Which reply mail type requires an intelligent mail barcode?

Mailers can use Intelligent Mail barcode on First-Class Mail ®, Standard Mail ®, and Periodicals when participating in OneCode Confirm and OneCode ACS.

Does all mail get a barcode?

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IM barcode ) is a 65-bar barcode for use on mail in the United States. The term “Intelligent Mail ” refers to services offered by the United States Postal Service for domestic mail delivery. Data payload.

Index of first digit Length Name
21 11 Delivery point ZIP code


How do you sign up to see what mail is being delivered?

Go to informeddelivery.usps.com. Select “ Sign Up For Free.” Enter your address to determine if it is eligible for Informed Delivery. If your address is not eligible, you may still create an account so you may use USPS Click-N-Ship® or Postal Store by following the prompts.

Why do my stamps have a barcode?

Printed postage labels aren’t just graphics like preprinted stamps. They contain unique 2D barcodes, which the USPS calls “information-based indicia” (IBI), that validate the postage.

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