What Is The Agent 47 Barcode?


Why did 47 remove his barcode?

(Reminder – 47 doesn’t remember his times spent in Romania. He remembers parts of it, but I wouldn’t say he remembers everything.) This is why he slashes the barcode. He does it because he’s sick of who he is.

Is Agent 47 good or bad?

Is Agent 47 a good guy? He’s not good and in canon he does kill civilians and random targets. In Blood Money a random guy delivers a note to him in his ( 47 ) hotel room and then 47 kills him.

What if Agent 47 was real?

The thing about Agent 47 is that if he was placed in the real world, He would be the most DANGEROUS person on the planet. In Hitman Absolution, Agent 47 escaped a relatively ‘Modern’ police force that knew his face and what to look for.

What does Agent 47 do with his money?

He uses the money he makes off of contracts to buy new weapons, upgrades and gadgets that will assist him with future contracts. His whole purpose in life is to kill people for money. So it only makes sense that he use the money he makes to help him kill more people and get more money thus continuing the cycle.

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What happens if u Scan Agent 47 barcode?

Agent 47 received this barcode tattoo to allow him to access certain areas in the facility where he was cloned and trained. The barcode tattoo, like all real barcodes, can be scanned for information. Agent 47’s tattoo is scanned and lets him through security checkpoints inside the facility where he was made.

Can Agent 47 grow hair?

Throughout the series, we always see Agent 47 as a bald man and even in flashbacks in which we see him as a child, he still has no hair. The second of these is that the clones were all genetically altered to not grow hair.

Did 47 kill Diana’s parents?

Now an independent assassin, 47 continued to carry out contracts for Providence, showing no more signs of rebellion. One particular mission in 1989 involved killing the parents of Diana Burnwood, his future handler within the International Contract Agency (ICA).

Who would win John Wick or 47?

Agent 47 is too intelligent for Wick, he’s vastly superior in the stealth department and is more versatile with weapons & equipment. Given his background, Agent 47 will be able to take down Wick even in hand to hand combat.

Does Agent 47 care about Diana?

For the vast majority of the series, Agent 47 never sees Diana or her face, recognizing her only by voice.

How much does Agent 47 get paid?

How much does Agent 47 earn per contract? In Blood Money, Agent 47 earned anywhere from between $100,000 to $600,000 per contract.

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Can I be like Agent 47?

Agent 47 is still very good at making it look like an accident, and very good at being a ‘ghost’. If there are anything left to tie up the ICA will help fix that and every government agency in the Hitman universe will look the other way… That won’t fly here. Agent 47 is very capable yes.

Is Agent 47 a psychopath?

Is Agent 47 a psychopath? – Quora. No, he is not. He does feel, just not in the conventional ways. He is trained and genetically engineered to not care about the things he does, with respect to assassinations & general killing.

What is Agent 47s IQ?

Technically it should be well above the average human’s IQ so probably well over 200. I’m guessing though it’s more around 250. But if you want the honest truth, he is designed right down to his genes to be better than any human at anything so there is that to keep in mind.

Is Agent 47 religious?

“For several years, 47 attempted to leave his life as a hit-man behind, instead finding faith in a Catholic church on the Sicilian countryside and working as a humble gardener.

How fast can Agent 47 run?

Enhanced Speed: Agent 47 is apparently able to easily run 10km (6.2 miles) in 36 minutes and 39 seconds.

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